Fisher-Price Rock Star Mickey – Hot Toy on Sale!

By | September 18, 2011

We’re always trying to figure out ahead of time what the hot holiday toys are going to be, and the buzz is out there for a new toy called Rock Star MickeyKmart has it on sale this week for $39.99 — cheaper than Amazon ($45.98), cheaper than Walmart ($48.88), and cheaper than ToysRUs ($54.99)!

Great fun for the kids and you know, moms, if you have to listen to toys that make music, at least with this one you’re listening to ROCK!

If this is anything like the last year’s Dance Star Mickey, it’s going to be impossible to find around the holidays — so why not get it now while it’s available and the price is right?

Forward your Kmart order confirmation email to QR support and you’ll collect 1.2% cashback!  (Spending over $45?  Use coupon code KMFUN for an extra $5 off $45+ orders.)

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