Discounted Disney Videos Plus Free Shipping and Cashback!

By | September 14, 2011

Buy.comWe’re in week two of We ♥  Disney Month here at, and alerted us to a fantastic deal they have going on, on Disney DVDs and Blu-rays:  they ship for free — with no minimum (if it says “Free Shipping”) or with a $25+ minimum video purchase (if it says “Eligible for Free Shipping”).  AND, all their Disney videos are all discounted up to 50% off list prices!

Disney’s Prom (released just two weeks ago) is just $19.99 (it lists for $29.99) and it’s eligible for free shipping on $25+ video orders!  (Or shipping’s just $1.95 if you only buy the one DVD.)  Entertainment Weekly gave it a B:  “a winning after-school trifle has a savvy heart that grows on you.”

The Sword in the Stone, (45th Anniversary Edition), the classic 1963 animated movie, is just $9.99 shipped at… compared to $13.49 shipped (and no cashback) from Amazon or $14.97 shipped (plus tax) from Walmart!  It’s “a sweet story about the might of the mind.”

Christmas will be here before you know it…  get the kids into the spirit with the three-movie Santa Clause DVD Collection for a low $28.99 shipped!  Compare this to $31.99 shipped (and no cashback) from Amazon or $31.83 (plus tax) from Walmart!

These are only a few examples of the great discounts on Disney DVDs at!

If you’re looking to build your Disney video collection, here is a list of some of the titles they have for under ten bucks (if you see a price over $10 shipped, check to see if is the seller under Marketplace Buying Choices… but remember, a $25 min. video purchase is required for free shipping on some of these titles):

Please forward your order confirmation email to QR support for 2.1% cashback when buying through any of the links in this post because they won’t auto-credit to your account. Thanks!

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