Decorate Your Child’s Room in Disney Style…with Home Depot!

By | September 17, 2011

Does your child or grandchild absolutely LOVE all things Disney?  Then you should see the selection of Disney home decor items at Home Depot!  They have Disney light switch covers starting at $7.97 (Princesses, Buzz Lightyear, Pooh, and more), Tinkerbell, Cars, or Toy Story Motion Lamps ($12.97 shipped!), Disney Table Lamps (Cars or Toy Story for $19.97), and Wall Appliques starting at $10.76!

Dress up his or her room with Disney wallpaper borders!  They start at a low $14.97 shipped!  There are some really adorable patterns like this one, the Classic Pooh!

And they have one of the largest selections of Disney rugs, I’ve ever seen, starting at $39 shipped!  This one’s a little more but isn’t it cuuuute?

See all Disney products available at Home Depot…and you’ll receive 1.8% cashback when you forward your order confirmation email to QR support!

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