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By | August 26, 2011

You may have noticed the note on the site that we are currently down due to some hosting problems.  Here’s the latest update as of 12:22am ET:

Our hosting provider had to order a part to repair one of our servers.  It is temporarily up as I type this, but it will be going down again in 40 minutes for some file swapping, which they expect will take about an hour.  So by around 2am ET the site *should* be 100% live again.  In the meantime, members can shop through any of the links here on QRDeals and still earn cash back:  just forward your confirmation email to QR support for cashback credit.

Complicating things somewhat:  Hurricane Irene.  QR is headquartered in Brooklyn and is in the B zone:  evacuation isn’t required but they’re the next highest zone.  Power outages are expected.  This won’t take the site down again, but it will impact the guys’ access to send out emails, process payments, and respond to customer service tickets.

We’ve had some really patient and understanding comments on our Facebook page (another place you can go to stay on top of the latest) and we thank you very much for that.

Questions or concerns?  Please email me at becky@quickrewards.net.  Thanks again for your patience…hoping the site will be up and running within a few hours!

5 thoughts on “QR Status Update

  1. Masterofcats

    Stay safe guys and gals QR developers, staff and all members in the path. Myself, I’m in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Oh joy, lol.

  2. Penny

    Thanks for updating us. I agree, stay safe, I hope Irene will not be a huge issue, but if it is, listen to whatever you are told to do. Your safety is the most important thing. I thank you all for your hard work and making the site run as smoothly as possible. This truly is the best site for surveys and clicks.

  3. FloridaGrandma

    I agree. Stay safe! That is the most important thing. We love Becky and Ginger and all our QR guys. You are a super team! We pray for all in the path of this huge hurricane and for Ginger as she travels.

  4. Ginger

    I am in North Carolina and we are currently getting the edges of the storm, with winds 60-70 mph and torrential rain. Irene is headed your way, stay safe and thanks for the update. We are “hunkering down”, just watched the gazebo go flying across the yard…oh well, only stuff..it can be replaced!

  5. Deborah

    I hope all is well for all the QR staff and QR participants! Upstate SC was spared weatherwise with this storm but heartfelt thoughts go out to everyone that has been impacted!


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