Cashback for Buying and Selling Gift Cards

By | July 14, 2011

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards at!

Did you know that you can earn cash back from not only when you buy certain gift cards but also when you sell them?

Suppose sweet Aunt Gertrude sent you a $50 gift card to Justice for your birthday, thinking that “all of the hip youngsters today buy their clothes from there!” and not realizing that they only sell clothes for kids up to about age 12?  What are you going to do with that gift card?

There are two websites that offer cash for your unwanted gift cards, PLUS you’ll earn QR cashback in the process:  Cardpool and!

And the flip side of this is, if your daughter’s birthday is coming up, and she wants clothes from Justice, or from any one of 100+ other stores, you can also buy a discounted gift card from Cardpool or!  The amount of the discount depends on the particular store, but as an example, right now you can buy $25 Aeropostale gift cards for $21.75, and $25 JCPenney gift cards for $21 at Cardpool…  or get $25 Bath & Body Works GCs for $21.75, and $25 AMC Theaters GCs for $21.25 at!

So, let’s put some numbers to this:

You start off by selling a $50 Justice gift card that you have no use for.  Cardpool offers you $35.  (You earn 1.1% to your QR account — $.39.)  They provide a free shipping label for you, and you get a check from them within about a week.

Now, you turn around and use your $35 to buy a discounted 4-pack of Regal Entertainment Group movie tickets from Cardpool at 20% off.  You pay $33.60.  (You earn another 1.1% cashback — $.37.)

The result:  you turned a $50 gift card you couldn’t use into four movie tickets you could use!  (Oh, and you earned $.76 to your QR account, AND you have $1.40 still left over!) works the same way, and they offer a higher cashback rate:  3% instead of 1.1% from Cardpool.  And just for comparison’s sake, they offer to pay you the same $35 for a $50 Justice gift card as Cardpool does.

Which one is best for selling an unwanted gift card?  Each one has their advantages:

  • Cardpool allows you to cash in electronic gift cards, in addition to physical cards. doesn’t.
  • pays a higher cashback rate for QR members:  3%, versus 1.1% from Cardpool.
  • Cardpool will give you a slightly higher value for your card if you choose to be paid in Amazon instead of cash.
  • doesn’t have that option but it does have a BillPay service that will directly pay a bill you owe if you mail in a bill along with the card you’re selling.
  • Cardpool provides a free shipping label when you’re selling a gift card; requires you to pay your own shipping costs.

Which is best for buying gift cards?  Again, each has their advantages:

  • Cardpool offers some electronic gift cards, so you don’t have to wait on a card to come in the mail before you can go shopping.  They also seem to have a bigger selection in stock, but of course for both sites, inventory depends on what’s been traded in recently.
  • Both sites offer free shipping when you buy a gift card.
  • The discounts available on both sides depend on the merchant, and they seem to be pretty similar at a glance.  Check each site before buying to make sure you get the best deal.


Cashback when you sell a gift card, and cashback when you buy one — cashback for everyone, courtesy of, and!

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