Best Deal Yet On Entertainment Books: Two for $10!

By | July 14, 2011

The latest deal on the Entertainment Book is even more unbelievable than the last:  now, get ANY two books for just $10!  (Shipping’s just a buck!)

If you’re going on vacation, pick one up for your destination city!  Get another for your home city to take advantage of good stuff like $5 off $50 at Albertson’s, and all the great coupons that run through the end of 2011 that I mentioned in my last post about them!  You’ll get $3 cashback per order, so this is like two bucks for $7!

Forward your order confirmation to QR support for cashback, and don’t wait too long to take advantage of this or your cities may be sold out!

2 thoughts on “Best Deal Yet On Entertainment Books: Two for $10!

  1. dawn

    i used to get these but have quit they have changed them so much that the places that i used to go are no longer in there or have changed the deals so much that it dosent even pay to get them anymore and i used to go through 2 or 3 a year and saved tons. wish they went back to the old way i really miss them and the savings even at this price i only save about 5 or 10 from the book

  2. Doris

    these books are good but it depends on where you live too some of the places in them are too far away, they are still worth it though especially when you have little kids because alot of places to take them too with coupons in it


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