Heads Up: Last Day for eBay Cashback is June 15

By | June 9, 2011

QuickRewards has been notified by eBay that cashback for eBay purchases will be discontinued starting on June 16 and running through September 30th. Their email states that this is a temporary move and that it will apply to ALL cashback / points programs.

They’re doing this to “quantify the incremental value of these (cashback program) partnerships.”

eBay counted their sales coming from cashback sites like QR for twelve months, and now they’re shutting us all down temporarily to see how much their sales decrease, if at all.  The drop in sales will show them how many more sales they got because of cashback programs like us.

If sales don’t drop, and people continue to shop at eBay as much as they used to, they’re going to think they didn’t need to offer cashback in the first place.

So here are the two points I wanted to make:

1.  If you want to earn cashback for eBay purchases, make them on or before June 15th. If you had been considering a large purchase and had been counting on cashback, now’s the time to buy!

2.  If you want cashback for eBay to return to QR at the same percentage or higher in time for the Christmas shopping season, let eBay know how important cashback is to you… and the way to do that is to show them a drop in sales from June 16 through September 30th. Shop elsewhere — most merchants pay a higher cashback rate anyway!  I’ll be happy to help folks individually if you’re looking for a good deal on a specific product — just shoot me an email.

After September’s over, eBay is going to reevaluate and they say they will “continue working together” with us but at a rate that reflects what they feel our “incremental value” is.  Let’s show them our incremental value!  Get your eBay orders in now through June 15th, and then please join me in shopping elsewhere through September!

7 thoughts on “Heads Up: Last Day for eBay Cashback is June 15

  1. Sharon

    Love ebay and love the cashback so guessing I will have to shop then via another site instead of QR. Hope others do the same…Here’s to hoping they see the mistake they are making and come back soon…

    1. LJ

      I love ebay too, and I fear without it I’ll lose quickrewards elite status.
      Because doing the required surveys to maintain it is iffy. I always went over my shopping requirements thanks to ebay.

      1. Becky Post author

        LJ, Dmitry is always happy to discuss exceptions to our Elite status requirements on a case-by-case basis. He’s a pretty fair guy; i think if you’re a diehard eBay shopper and just can’t make Elite because of a situation beyond your/our control, he’ll be willing to consider letting you slide for a quarter. If you see your Elite status bar disappear, just email support or submit a ticket!

    2. Becky Post author

      Hi, Sharon! Just to clarify: ALL cashback sites will be losing eBay effective June 16th. We want to encourage our shoppers, during the “blackout period” of 6/16-9/30 when no eBay cashback is permitted, to shop at merchants other than eBay so they can feel how unhappy shoppers are at losing cashback for eBay. Please let me know if you have any questions!

      1. Sharon

        ok will blackout… ouch… that hurts but want my cashback…guess I can save some money then.

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