Award Winning PC Protection On Sale Plus Cashback Increase From 14% to 25%

By | March 8, 2011

ZoneAlarm Antivirus products - Save Up To 50%

Today I had to email a member to let her know that her email account had been hacked.  I feel bad for her because I know it gives you an icky feeling of being violated, not to mention just plain making you angry!  It made me think about how important it is to keep your computer secure, so I went looking for a good deal on PC protection software and found one I wanted to share with you guys.

ZoneAlarm sells several award-winning antivirus products that are all on sale, plus for a limited time we’re able to increase our cashback rate for them from 14% to 25%!  And another plus:  when you buy one of ZoneAlarm’s programs, you can download it and install it immediately for instant protection.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Plus Firewall provides great basic protection at a very affordable $19.95 (and $4.99 cashback)!  Or for about 7 bucks more (after cashback), you can choose ZoneAlarm Internet Security which has the same features plus an anti-spam filter, parental controls, and identity protection services.

My favorite of the three products, though, is ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, for $39.95 (with $9.99 cashback) — it has all of the features above PLUS a bunch of other stuff, the most attractive to me personally being Online Backup and Keylogger Jamming.

I’m sure I’ve told you guys the story before about walking into my bedroom and glancing at our desktop monitor, only to see someone remotely typing away on it, accessing our programs and files.  I yanked the power cable out of the wall SO FAST!  Some hacker had not only installed a program giving them remote access, but they had installed a keylogger program that recorded every keystroke and reported it back to them, so they knew every password we used on every website, including our online banking info!

So, whether you decide to pick up one of the ZoneAlarm products (at great sale prices plus increased cashback), or some other antivirus/firewall product, this is just my reminder to use SOMETHING to protect your PC! It’s a small investment that can potentially save you a world of trouble!

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