Love Paid Surveys? Be Sure to Complete the General Profiler!

By | September 3, 2009

One of my favorite features on, and one of the fastest ways to build up your account balance, is QR's paid surveys.  Dmitry's been really busting it going out there and bringing in new surveys for us…not just the dailies that pay $3.35 a day if you qualify for all four (Greenfield, Give Us Your 2 Cents, OTX, and the new daily one called United Daily Survey)…but he's also got some great sources of TARGETED surveys worth at least $.50 each, sometimes $1 or more!

You'll have a better chance of completing a targeted survey because you're only offered it if you already meet at least the basic guidelines for being accepted into the survey.  But the ONLY WAY to be offered these targeted surveys is if you've completed the General Profiler on the top left of the QR survey page! 

If you haven't completed the profiler, you are missing out on A LOT of paid surveys!  It's not unusual to be offered two or three targeted surveys a day IN ADDITION TO the dailies!

So, be sure you complete the General Profiler, and when a survey comes out that you prequalify for, QR will send you an email!  You'll want to read it and click through to the targeted survey quickly, because they meet the quotas and close fast!

Targeted surveys DO count toward the quarterly survey bonuses at QR!  Didn't know we had those?  Complete 75 surveys in a quarter (the current quarter runs from July 1 through Sep. 30) and get a $2 bonus, 100 for a $10 bonus, 150 for a $15 bonus, or 200+ for a $20 bonus!  These bonuses are in addition to what you earn for completing each survey!

Hope this tip helps you make a little more of your experience!  We thank each and every one of you for being a valued member of QR!

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