Chat Tonight at 6pm ET on — Free T-Shirt to All Attendees!

By | September 6, 2009

I posted about back in June — they're an online grocery store that applies manufacturers' coupons electronically to your purchases so you don't have to clip 'em, and they ship orders of 6 items or more for free.  QR can't pay cashback on your orders there but we thought you'd be interested since so many folks love the printable coupons that we do pay you to print and redeem.

Here's my original post about Alice if you missed it.  The specific deals I posted about then may or may not still be live but I can tell ya that right now some great deals on include Lady Speed Stick deodorant for $.58, Huggies 64 ct baby wipes for $1.30, Bounty Basic paper towels for $.59, and more!

They're doing a "Neighborhood Chat" tonight on Alice and all attendees who send a message to the chat host (Rebecca) get a free Alice tee!  I got mine after the last chat.  Also, if you RSVP here (you need to have an profile to RSVP so join first here if you don't have an account), you'll be entered to win a door prize during the chat for one of three $10 Alice GCs!  (Only 16 RSVPs as I type this so your odds are pretty darned good!)

Come say hi to me in chat tonight!  (My Alice profile name is CompareRewards.)  The topic of the chat is back-to-school!  There will be some helpful folks there to answer any questions you may have about the site, too.  Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Chat Tonight at 6pm ET on — Free T-Shirt to All Attendees!

  1. Jeremy

    I don’t see in the shopping section of QR. If they know how many shop there through a QR link cashback may follow.

  2. Becky

    I sure hope so, Jeremy! I made this suggestion in chat tonight to their Community Manager, Rebecca, who said she would pass it along.
    Did any of y’all make it to the chat? I saw fellow QR member bmcalister there. There were a few other faces I didn’t recognize.
    They gave away free Alice t-shirts to everybody and three people won $10 Alice GCs. And we got some scoop: they’re working on a promo where they’ll include some kind of freebie in random orders — still working on what it’ll be but she said they were considering iPod Shuffles, Alice GCs, and some other cool things I can’t remember right now. 😉

  3. angi

    hey becky! completely unrelated, but a while back you mentioned you were going to try the “magic jack” for phone service. Just wondering if you did, and how was it? Thinking of getting one but I didn’t know if there were “hidden charges” or if the quality was good.

  4. Becky

    Hi, Angi!
    I had mixed results with the Magic Jack. I could always hear the other person, but sometimes they couldn’t hear me, or they’d report hearing a slight echo or a delay between when I talked and when they heard me.
    I wouldn’t use it to totally replace my phone service, but I think it’s GREAT for reducing your long-distance bill. Sometimes it worked, sometimes…not so well. But if you try it and you get a bad connection — which I assume has to do with the quality of your broadband at that moment — you can always use the land line or your cell.
    It’s a relatively small investment and nope, no hidden costs. The cost of the jack includes your entire first year’s service. No contracts to sign. I assume mine will just expire after I hit one year unless I go to the website and give them my CC info.
    Hope this helps!


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