Printable Coupons, Including Free 2-Piece Grilled Chicken Meal at KFC From Oprah

By | May 5, 2009

Folks, you will want to print this coupon out!

Kfcgrilledmeal Oprah and KFC have a promo where you can print out a coupon for a FREE 2-piece Grilled Chicken Meal (two pieces of chicken, two sides and a biscuit, totally free), no purchase required!

The catch:  you have to print the coupon out by tomorrow, it expires on 5/19, and it's not valid on Mother's Day.  Not much of a catch, huh?  😉

We can't give you QR credit for this coupon, but you CAN receive $0.01 for every coupon you print from our link here and then redeem in-store or in-restaurant!  (There are some great coupons in there, too, including $1 off one box of various Kellogg's cereals!)

5 thoughts on “Printable Coupons, Including Free 2-Piece Grilled Chicken Meal at KFC From Oprah

  1. Becky

    Note: If you’re getting an error on the KFC / Oprah coupon page printer, it’s due to heavy volume on the server (think of how many millions of people are trying to print it!) — this coupon’s supposed to be printable through tomorrow, so try back later in the day or early tomorrow AM. And note, “You are limited to 4 online prints of coupon.” When you can get through to the coupon printer, be sure to take advantage of this!
    But while you’re waiting… welcome to the shopping blog for — where you can earn online for completing surveys, visiting websites, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and (my favorite:) shopping online! Please consider joining us, or at least bookmarking the blog for later visits!

  2. D. WHite

    Every time I try to download the coupon printer, I get spyware from it. I wish this worked better. :(:(
    Do you have any advice
    (except write a Restore point, download the
    printer, print my coupons, the restore the
    Restore point)????

  3. Ms. Morgan

    This said that I had receieved my free oprah KFC coupons when I have not, all I have received was blank sheets of paper,please send them to me the free coupons that from KFC 12….

  4. carol adams

    I had no problem downloading the coupons.The only problem I had was that KFC is not honoring the coupons, Thanks to… Oprah!I guess she announced it on her show this week and due to the huge response KFC shut it down.BUMMER!


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