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By | March 13, 2009

Are YOU getting the scoop by email?

At the top left of this page, you'll see a box where you can enter your email address to receive notifications when I've added a new post to the blog.  Only takes a second to sign up and confirm!

This link was recently updated thanks to Google's purchase of the Feedburner service — if you had signed up to receive email updates in the past, you'll need to sign up again.  (I'm sorry!  I had to do it, too!  But it only takes a minute and it's pretty painless, I promise!)

I hope this helps you stay on top of the deals…nothing worse than hearing about a great deal a little too late!  😉

One thought on “Get QRDeals Updates by Email

  1. Janice Shonka

    I placed an order with `Crazy For Bargains`
    on Friday, 3/20/09, received same day credit
    and my order arrived today!! Wow! I plan on
    passing this website on to my daughters who
    have children ranging from 5 yrs old to
    18 years old….A huge THANK YOU to QR for
    introducing this site to me…`Do It`


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