Our Apologies!

Hi, QR Fandom!  Please accept our apologies for two posts made recently by a spammer, who really should practice his English before hacking a blog and sending out nonsensical garbage.  In fact, maybe he should try to get a real job and a girlfriend that isn’t inflatable.

We apologize for the trouble, and thank you for your continued support of QuickRewards!

New Survey Router: Spectrum

QuickRewards has added a new survey router this past week that we would love to have members try out for us!  It’s called Spectrum, and you’ll find a link to it on the right side of our homepage.

Similar to Opinion Network, Spectrum surveys vary in the amount of the reward, and they add new surveys throughout the day, so if you check back, even a few hours later, you may find more surveys have gone live!  As is the case with all surveys, the sooner you can get to a new, live survey, the better your chances of finding the quota still open for your demographics, so this is definitely one you’ll want to keep checking back on throughout the day!

Spectrum credits within 24 hours (usually overnight).  Tip:  after you’ve clicked through to try a survey, whether you were successful or not, refresh the Spectrum survey list to remove surveys you’ve already tried.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to the many ways you can earn from taking surveys at QuickRewards!

Featured QR Redemption: Amazon GCs!

I was talking to a member the other day who has been with us for years, and he wasn’t aware that QR offers Amazon gift cards as an option in our redemption section.

Amazon is one of my favorite choices when redeeming my QR rewards, because it is an emailed code that usually arrives the next day, and you can bank them up in your Amazon account until you need them (for example, for birthday, thank-you, or holiday shopping!).

Amazon gift cards start at just $5.

Most orders of $35+ at Amazon ship free (excluding some third party sellers), so that’s additional savings, and of course if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, orders ship free in two days with no minimum.

If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, click here to try it FREE for 30 days!  You’ll receive all of the benefits of Amazon Prime including free two-day shipping and discounted overnight shipping, free Amazon music, free Amazon Prime TV, exclusive early access deals for Amazon prime members, etc., for a month, and if you don’t find it useful and you cancel before 30 days is up, you won’t pay a dime!

New Stores Added to QR, Part 3

Here are a few more of the recent additions to QuickRewards.net’s Cashback Shopping section for your shopping pleasure throughout the holidays and beyond:

Tidy Living (4% cashback):  I was very excited to be able to bring this store to QR because they sell all of the home organization products that you can think of, and at very reasonable prices!  I’m serious — check this store out and you won’t believe the selection OR the prices!  Shoe storage starts at $5, six-shelf hanging organizers for $6, rolling carts at $16, bins, mop hangers, bakeware organizers, spice shelves… you have GOT to give this store a look!  Taxes are only charged on orders from CA and SC, the two states where they ship from.  🙂  Oh, and I forgot to mention:  they have their own rewards program, too, where you earn points for your purchases and can apply them toward a future purchase!

Stride Rite (2% cashback):  Stride Rite, the highly acclaimed children’s shoe brand, is now back on QuickRewards!  Their online store also sells children’s shoes from Keds, Hush Puppies, Sperry, Saucony, and Merrill!  Do a search for Disney, My Little Pony, Spiderman, and other popular characters to see adorable shoes, boots, sandals, and accessories like raincoats and umbrellas!  FREE shipping and FREE returns!  Use code 20MORE for an additional 20% off sale prices!

Get Shopping Blog Deals by Email!

With the holiday shopping season almost upon us, there will be more deals going on than you can shake a stick at!  To be sure you don’t miss out on a bargain, sign up to receive QRDeals posts by email!  You won’t get slammed with a ton of emails, just one daily summary.

And remember to also follow us on social media by following us on Twitter or Liking our Facebook page!

Facebook is also where you’ll find posts tipping you off on good surveys that just went live, where we play games from time to time for fun and QR credits, and where you can get tips and encouragement from fellow QuickRewards members!

Thanks for staying in touch with us!  We appreciate your membership and hope to help you save (and earn) some cash this holiday season!


New Stores Added to QR, Part 2

We’ve been hard at work lately, scouting out stores where we think our members would enjoy shopping.  Here are a few more stores added recently for your cashback shopping pleasure:

Rite Aid (2% cashback):  Get the same great products from Rite Aid that you’ll find in your local store, plus Plenti cardholders will earn points and receive additional savings!  Saturday only, get 25% off AND free shipping on $35+ when you apply code DEAL25 at checkout.

I love their 100% risk-free beauty product guarantee:  they accept returns on all OPENED or unopened beauty products bought online or in-store when accompanied by a receipt.  So if you don’t like the product, it’s the wrong color for you, etc., no worries, you’ll get your money back!  Products covered by the guarantee:  skin care/depilatories, sun care, bath/soap, hair care (shampoo, conditioner, styling and professional), hair color, cosmetics, ethnic beauty aids, fragrances, cosmetic organizers and personal care appliances.  Please let QR know if you returned an item, however, so we can adjust your cashback reward.

Hickory Farms (4% cashback):  We all know them from their great meat and cheese gift baskets, but Hickory Farms also offers candies, cakes, fruit baskets, nut tins, and you can even order your holiday turkey with them!  (Their Honeygold Spiral Sliced Ham is actually on sale right now, from $75 to $50!)  They always have great sales online, and whatever the occasion you’re shopping for, they have an affordable and tasty gift that would be just perfect.  Definitely check these guys out!

VeggieTales (5% cashback):  Fans of Larry, Bob, and the gang will love the huge assortment of VeggieTales items here, including videos, music, toys and games, party supplies, clothing and hats, even home decor!  They offer free shipping on orders of $30 or more, and they have some sales going on, too (see the plush hats, sound board books, and other deals throughout the site).

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) (3% cashback):  I was really excited that we were able to get the TCM shop added to QR because, although I’m not a huge movie buff, they have some really nice gift ideas in their store! Obviously they have a great selection of DVDs and Blu-Ray, but they also sell turntables (there is a Jensen one for $51.81 after the below coupon code) and vinyl records, tees and hats, a TON of books (some great biographies and also general Hollywood/movie industry titles), TCM branded merch, and under the Sales tab click “Under $10” for over 20,000 items for under ten bucks!  Code FRND15 takes an extra 15% off sitewide!

Please keep these stores in mind and remember to start your shopping session through the links above or through QuickRewards.net in order to activate cash back!  I’ll post about more new additions to QR soon!

New Stores Added to QR, Part 1

We have some new stores available on QR for your cashback shopping pleasure!  Here are just a few:

CharmingCharlie (2% cashback):  This popular chain of women’s jewelry and accessories stores offers affordable jewelry in every color under the rainbow, plus of course silver and gold, along with handbags, watches, wallets, journals, glassware, and a lot of other great gift ideas, and is also offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders on Friday and Saturday (10/20 and 10/21)!

Jet.com (1.5% cashback) is a division of Walmart, offering FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING on orders of $35+ every day!  You’ll find a huge assortment of groceries, beauty items, toys, books, sports, crafts supplies, clothing, and almost anything else you can think of!  Tip:  click the Promotions button at the top right to find the sales items by category!

Modells Sporting Goods (3% cashback):  Modell’s is your sporting goods headquarters!  They carry, of course, sporting goods (balls, gloves, basketball hoops, skates, and the like) as well as sports team merchandise, athleticwear, swimwear, shoes, and more!

Entertainment Earth (4% cashback):  This is a superstore of merchandise including toys, action figures, and collectibles, tees, posters, bobbleheads, lunchboxes, backpacks – you name it – from ANYTHING related to pop culture!  Search for your favorite TV shows, movies, comic book characters, video games, and bands (including classic bands like The Beatles)!  Our Disney fans should check out their selection of Disney collectibles!  They have a 110% lowest price guarantee, too!

These are just a few of the new stores we’ve added recently to QR’s Cashback Shopping section!  We will be telling you about others soon!

QR FAQ: Do All Grocery Coupons Printed From QR Earn $.05 Apiece When You Redeem Them?

We get this question fairly often at QR Support, and here is the Scoop on Coups:

There are two ~completely different~ ways to earn with grocery coupons:

1. Go to Earn To > Print Grocery Coupons, print the ones you think you may use, email Support when you get back from the grocery store to let us know how many you redeemed, and with this method you earn NOT to print, but JUST to redeem ($.05 apiece).


2. Go to Earn To > Offer Portals > gWallet, and print 20+ in order to earn 2100qp (in other words, $.21). Here you are earning JUST to print, and NOT to redeem.  (Note, the gWallet offer is subject to change; this is the reward as of this posting.)

Can I print them on gWallet and earn there, and then email support when I use them, and that way get paid twice?

NO. (Sorry!)

QR earns a very small amount from the member doing the offer on gWallet. It’s a flat rate, not per-coupon. On the other link, in the Print Grocery C.oupons section, we earn a higher rate, and this is how we can afford to pay per-coupon redeemed, but ONLY when members use that link instead of trying to “double-dip” and claim the per-coupon reward when they were already paid for the print session through gWallet.

Two different systems, two different ways to earn.

How can I keep track of which ones I printed on gWallet and which I printed through Print Grocery Coupons on QR?

Great question!

1.  Some members decide to just do one or the other.
2.  Print them on different color paper. The supermarket should not mind, but you may want to go with white vs. beige or a similar light color so the coupon is still legible.
3.  Print one offer in black & white, and the other in color, by changing your printer settings when you get ready to print.
4.  Write on the page or on each coupon a note or code to remind you which is which.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for earning money while saving money through the coupons on QuickRewards!

QR FAQ: Why Don’t Completed Surveys Show Up in My Account Immediately?

Customer Service gets this question fairly often:  “I just finished a survey and it’s not in my account yet.  Why is that?”

QR is just a middleman, providing a linkup between our database of interested survey takers and router companies, which are databases of surveys. When a member clicks a link on QR, or in one of our emails, to attempt a survey, they are leaving QR’s site (or your email provider) and going to one of these router companies, which will then, in turn, ask you some preliminary “screening” questions, then “route” you to one of the providers of their surveys. They don’t program surveys themselves, but they aggregate them from a variety of different sources.

When you’re doing a survey, you’re not on QR, which you can confirm by looking at the URL. So QR doesn’t know if you finished a survey, or if you started one and got disqualified, maybe you started one and got distracted and didn’t come back to it, or maybe there was a tech error on the survey site.

So there is a pending period while we’re in limbo, and this is why we can’t mark a survey link as being “COMPLETE” the way we can with the daily clicks. We don’t know if you completed a survey, just that you clicked to visit the browser.

The pending period varies per router while we wait on them to send us a completion report. Some routers send it multiple times a day, some only once a day, and with a handful of the routers, only once a week. (Until we have the automated creditor fully repaired, our site is only fetching the completion report once a day.) When we receive the completion report, our system then uploads the credit into the member’s account.

So this is why surveys don’t credit instantly. We’re just a middleman and we have to wait on confirmation that your click-through generated a successful survey completion.

QR FAQ: Why Did You Take QP Out of My Account?

QR Support frequently gets asked, “Why did you take away qp out of my account?”

QP, or QuickPoints, are fractions of a cent. They automatically convert to cash once a member has earned over 100 of them. When this happens, 100 is instantly subtracted out of your qp balance, and your cash balance instantly goes up by a penny.

For example, if you had 75qp in your account, then you did one of the searches in the Daily Clicks for 75qp:

Starting qp:  75
Added qp: + 75
Total qp :  150 total qp

But because 100qp immediately converts to a penny, 100qp instantly subtracts out to add $.01 to your balance, and your qp will have 50 remaining.

Yes, it does look like your qp “fell” from 75 to 50qp… but this was due to it topping 100, and then having 100 subtracted out for the conversion to cash.

Thank you for reading, and for being an active member of QR!

Deals at Cashback Stores Offering Same-Day In-Store Pickup!

Shop online and pick up in-store the same day, and still get cashback from several of our merchants, which allows you to take your time and find sale items online, then have them waiting for you at the store when you get there!

Home Depot (1.8% cashback) – Tip:  Search for holiday, then click Shop Savings, then sort by price low to high.  There are some great discounted products there, and it will tell you which ones are available in your local store!

Kohls (3.2% cashback) – use code CANDYCANE for an extra 15% off orders under $100 or 20% off $100+, and earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend!  There are a few exclusions (certain brands like Nike and categories like higher priced electronics).  Combine with sale pricing for outstanding deals!

Sears (1% cashback) and Kmart (1.2% cashback) – Tip:  click the Coupons tab at the top left for additional discounts on top of their sale prices!  Check to see if the items you want to buy are available for same-day pickup in your local store!

BestBuy (up to .75% cashback) – pick up in-store or choose free 2-day shipping!  Great deals going on including $9.99 Logitech optical mouse(s? mice?  whatever ya call ’em, they’re half off and come in a variety of cool designs), Xbox 360 games starting at $15 (or $19 for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, just released in June and now half price), Insignia Portable Wireless Speaker – Red for $9.99 (was $39.99!), much more!

Staples (up to 1% cashback) – Select your local store to see which items are available for pickup within an hour!  Some ideas of cheap gifts include the Dymo Labelmaker 160 for $9.99 (was $34.99!), the Logitech Keyboard and Compact Wireless Mouse Combo for $17.99 (was $29.99), Verbatim Pinstripe 16 GB flash drive for $4.99 (great stocking stuffer and half price!), and more!

Advance Auto Parts (4% cashback) – Buy online and pick up in-store within 30 minutes!  Use code MP153 for 15% off orders over $50, too!  They offer some interesting gift ideas (a dancing Hula Girl!) and also more practical gifts (oil, steering wheel covers, tool sets starting at $8.99, etc.).

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget With Cashback from QR

If you’re a procrastinator, or just someone on a tight budget, Christmas gifting can be a big stressor for you right now.  Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts on a budget that will also earn you cashback from QuickRewards!:

QVC (1.5% cashback) offers Easy Pay (interest-free installment payments) on some of their items, and there’s a large number of gift ideas that can be shipped in time for Christmas!  Easy Pay just charges your debit or credit card on the same day of the month until the item is paid off.  It’s a great way to buy now, pay later, AND earn QR cashback!

HSN (1% cashback) also offers interest-free installment payments through the FlexPay program, and as I type this, they’re offering this on every product they sell!  Many of their items can be delivered by Christmas, too!  Be sure you check out their Today’s Special!

GiftCardMall (1% cashback) offers eGiftCards and if you go to their Discount Gift Cards section, there are some that are 15-20% off, including Old Navy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, Gap, and others!

Darden Restaurants eGiftCards (1% cashback):  Buy an eGiftCard starting at just $10 to any of the Darden family of restaurants including Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, and several others.  They even have a combo card you can get that includes $20 in Fandango credit so you can gift someone dinner and a movie!  You can personalize the card AND select the delivery date!

BestDealMagazines (10% cashback) has a variety of magazine subscriptions starting at $4.69/year with 15% off using code QUICKREW15 including Car & Driver, Seventeen, Family Fun, Cosmo, O: The Oprah Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Working Mother, Martha Stewart Living, and others!  See their $3.99 Deal of the Day, too!  I buy a subscription for a friend or family member, then Google for a picture of the magazine cover, print it out on cardstock or Christmas-y paper from Dollar Tree, and put it into a gift bag with a note that their subscription will start in 8-12 weeks.

National Free Shipping Day – Get it By Christmas!

Today is the last big “event” related to online holiday shopping:  Free Shipping Day!  MANY stores (it may be safe to say “MOST stores”) will be offering free shipping with delivery by December 24th.  Be sure to start shopping through QR’s Cashback Shopping Section in order to activate cashback on your purchases.  If you click through to a store and see a coupon code displayed there, you can use it in conjunction with cashback.

Some stores to check out:

Use this special link to 1800Flowers and code FRSHPDY to get free shipping today on select items!  Forward your order confirmation to QR Support for 4% cashback credit, too!

Barnes & Noble (1.5% cashback):  Free shipping and 15% off $60+ or 20% off $100+ with code BNDEC60 and up to 30% off select toys, too!

Eddie Bauer (4% cashback):  Free shipping on all orders plus 50% off sitewide with code DELIGHT

Office Depot (up to 2% cashback):  Free shipping on all orders plus up to 60% off today only in their Flash Sale!

And of course, check out all of your favorites including Walmart, Kohls, Sears, and more, at the QR Cashback Shopping Section!

Green Monday Starts Now! Free Ship, Cheap Toys, Coupons, Sales…READ ME!

Green Monday is the latest Monday before Christmas when shoppers are guaranteed to get their orders in time for Christmas without having to pay for expedited shipping.  MANY retailers have already put their Green Monday promos live for your shopping pleasure.  These are just a few of the deals going on today and tomorrow:

Target has a coupon code for toys:  It’s TOYS and it takes $10 off $50 or $25 off $100!  And they have $50 off the Xbox One or PS4 Slim!  Free shipping on (almost) all orders, too!  Also, spend $75 on kitchen and dining items, get a free $15 GC!  We don’t offer cashback on toys or electronics but home items and many other are .75% (see QRs Target page for details).

Kmart has over 1,000 Green Monday markdowns (and a fourth of them are toys, up to 64% off)!  They sell Craftsman tools!  Lots of Bed, Bath & Home and Jewelry & Watches items as well!  Click on their Coupons tab to see what’s available (I had $5 off $35 in Toys, $5 off $25 in Apparel and Jewelry, $10 off $100 storewide and more!)  1.2% cashback from QR!

Bon-Ton (and its sister stores, Boston Store and Bergners):  $50 off $100 with coupon on site, sale pricing, plus free shipping on any size order and 2% cashback

JCPenney has huge sales going on PLUS cardholders save 20% on top of that (or 15% for other forms of payment) with code 8SAVEBIG plus 2% cashback from QR!

Macys has an extra 20% off sale prices with code SALE (15% off select departments, specials are excluded).  $10 in Macy’s Money for every $50 you spend!  1600 Green Monday specials!  Shipping’s free on $25+, and you’ll also receive 2% cashback from QR!

Barnes & Noble:  15% off your entire order (usually their coupons are for ONE item), plus buy a Nook, get a FREE one year B&N membership!  1.5% cashback from QR, too.

Blair has free shipping on all orders plus lots of great sales!  (Please be sure you don’t use a coupon code from one of their catalogs, or the 5.5% cashback from QR won’t credit.)

Catherines has an amazing coupon code:  VIPCA takes $50 off $100 or $100 off $200!  That’s in addition to 3.3% cashback from QR!

Will update with others soon!

Even More Cyber Monday Deals!

With thanks for the contributions of our Facebook posters Lyn and Shirley:

Crocs – 40% off sitewide, free shipping on $24.99+, and 4% cashback

Shoebuy – Up to 75% off, an additional 30% off with code CYBERMONDAY, free shipping, and 5% cashback

Blair – Cyber Monday Sale, an extra 30% off with code BQRF, free shipping, and 5.5% cashback

American Eagle Outfitters – 50% off sweaters and cold weather accessories, many shoes and boots, and 1% cashback

Barnes & Noble – 15% off sitewide with code BNCYBER16, free shipping on $25+, and 1.5% cashback

Cyber Monday Deals Continue!

Kohls – Huge doorbuster deals, and three coupon codes:  Code NOV20 takes 20% off thru 11/30, code JEWELRY20 takes 20% off fine, silver, and fashion jewelry 11/27-12/10, and code MONDAY takes $10 off $50 any order 11/28 only and it WILL stack with the NOV20 code!  You’ll get 3.2% cashback from QR, too!

Disney Store – Up to 30% off plus free shipping with code CYBER, 2.5% cashback

Best Buy – Get a free $5 gift card when you buy select DVD titles starting at $9.99 (including Angry Birds and Ghostbusters), up to 0.75% cashback

HSN – $20 off $40+ orders with Visa Checkout, and 1% cashback

Fandango – 15% off $75 or more in Fandango gift cards with code CYBERDEAL (plus $1 per order cashback)

LivingSocial – 25% off with code CYBER16 plus 1% cashback

Cyber Monday – Deals + Cash Back from QR!

Cyber Monday:  the biggest online shopping day of the year, and it’s started already!  Here are some of the deals you do NOT want to miss!

Amazon – an additional 30% off fashion (discount appears in cart when selecting payment method), no cashback permitted/please use our link to support QR (thanks!)

Best Buy – $25 off $100+ with Visa Checkout (page down to see the offer), free shipping, up to 0.75% cash back

Target – 15% off your order Sunday and Monday, additional 5% if you have and use your Target Redcard, free shipping, huge sales, up to 0.75% cashback

Sears – Shop Your Way Rewards points offers (may vary, may include $12 in points when you spend $12) plus many great sales, 1% cashback

Office Depot – Cyber Monday doorbusters include $12 Scotch laminators, $5 12-ct Mr. Sketch scented markers, $9.99 Virtual Reality Headset, $12.99 Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard, much more, up to 2% cashback

Eddie Bauer – 50% off sitewide with code ONLINE50, free shipping, 4% cashback

Entertainment Books – $19 shipped plus 15% off two or more books with code CYBER and 5% cashback

The Body Shop – 50% off sitewide and free shipping, plus 5% cashback

Us Magazine $9.97/Year (52 Issues)! Rolling Stone $3.89/Year (26 Issues)!

Use this special Black Friday link to DiscountMags.com to unlock Black Friday savings on magazine subscriptions including THE big magazine deal of the year:  one year of US Magazine for just $9.97 (52 issues)!

If you prefer the other celebrity mags, Star and OK! are also $9.97/year!

Another amazing bargain is one year of Rolling Stone for just $3.89 (26 issues)!

Forward your order confirmation to QR support afterward to claim 10% cashback, too!  GREAT gift ideas!

The Black Friday Deals Now Live!

Kohls (3.2% cashback) – $15 Kohl’s Cash per $50 you spend!
Look for deals on Fitbit and more!

Walmart (up to 1% cashback)
Look for $26 Sony Blu-Ray player and much, much more!

Ebay (1% cashback)
MANY great deals, including large Vera Bradley duffel for $25 shipped free (search for “Vera Bradley Factory Exclusive Large Duffle Bag” – Vera Bradley is the seller, two colors to choose from at the moment)

JCPenney (2% cashback)
Look for $10 pajama sets (reg. $50), $13 Big & Tall flannel shirts, $15 juniors Arizona denim (reg. $42), $7.99 appliances after rebate, and more!

Best Buy (up to .75% cashback) – free shipping!
Look for the 32″ Insignia Smart TV for $100, Bad Santa (unrated director’s cut) for $4, 60″ LG 4k Ultra TV for $600

Amazon (no cashback but great deals!)
Take $10 off $25 book purchases with code HOLIDAYBOOK today only (print books only, not ebooks or audiobooks)
Look for 8GB Amazon Fire 7″ for $33

Sears (1% cashback)
Look for select men’s and women’s shoes for FREE after 100% back in Shop Your Way Rewards points!

Staples (up to 1% cashback)
Take $25 off $100+ when you pay with Visa Checkout

Bon-Ton (2% cashback) – free shipping!
Take an EXTRA 25% off Hot Buys and an extra $60 off $100 in adult coats, with the codes on their site
Look for low priced toys ($15 kids’ play tents and more!) and 25% off most other toys including Melissa & Doug!

QuickRewards.net Shopping Blog is Back!

Hi!  Did you miss me?  🙂

QRdeals is back in time for the holiday shopping season.  I will be posting deals here to help you save money when you shop, and to REWARD you for shopping through QR cashback!  Also, though we don’t offer cashback for Amazon, we DO have Amazon gift cards as a redemption option, so I’ll post deals here to help you maximize those Amazon GCs.

Have a favorite store you’d like me to keep an eye on for sales and coupons?  Please leave a comment!

Thank you for being a QR member, and stay tuned for lots of great shopping tips here in the coming days!

QuickRewards Site Updates

QuickRewards is currently undergoing an exciting, new site redesign!  There are a lot of things changing behind the scenes, which will be rolled out to the public in phases over the next few months.  As part of the site revamp, we will be making a few changes effective immediately:

1.  In order to provide more opportunities for all members to earn tokens in fun, new ways, which we will tell you about soon, tokens will no longer be doubled each month (this applies to both Elite and non-Elite members).

2.  Also, in order to offer more frequent short-term cashback shopping promotions for all members, Elite shopping bonuses are being discontinued.

Elite members are of course still welcome to cash out their tokens for the same redemptions as always in our Token Redemption section!

We will be unveiling more details of the site redesign, and recruiting some volunteers to help us with beta-testing, throughout the next few months.  We’re very excited to show you the changes we’ve made in response to your feedback.  Stay tuned for more details soon!

How to Earn on QR’s Offer Portals (Offerwalls)

Looking to boost your QR balance quickly?  One of the lesser-used sections of QuickRewards, but one of the quickest ways to earn, can be found on our website under Earn To > Offer Portals!  The Offer Portals (aka “offerwalls”) offer a variety of offers where you can:

  • Get paid to view slideshows
  • Get paid to enter contests
  • Get paid to interact with a video
  • Get paid to sign up for newsletters
  • Get paid to complete surveys
  • Get paid to shop online
  • Get paid to sign up for websites
  • Get paid to try out a service
  • Get paid to download and play a game

Here are some tips from the Offer Portal “experts”:

1.  You MUST clear your cookies and cache before going to the link on QR to the Offer Portals.  If possible, clear cookies after completing EACH OFFER (going back to QR’s link to the Offer Portal each time, after you do).

2.  You can use any email address for offers on the Portals which may ask for one.  Some members who are concerned that an offer may result in them getting too many emails to their primary email address will use an alternate address instead (on Gmail or Hotmail for example).

3.  Offers worth less than 5,000 qp ($.50) or 5,000 tokens will credit to your QR account automatically within 24 hours of the Offer Portal updating the offer status to Completed and Awarded.  Those worth 5,000+ require sending confirmation to QR Support.  They’ll ask for a screenshot or copy-paste of the offer status page on the Offer Portal showing that the offer was Completed and Awarded.  For info on where to find the offer status or how to send a screenshot, just email QR Support and they’ll happily help.

4.  Different offerwalls may have the same offer, and if you do the offer on one wall, you will probably not get credited for doing it on another.  Check first to see which one pays the most.

5.  The PeanutLabs offerwall rewards in TOKENS.  Keep in mind that tokens aren’t the same thing as qp (QuickPoints).  Where qp converts to cash, tokens only convert to cash if you are an Elite member, and even then, it takes quite a lot to cash them out.  Non-Elite members can cash them out for magazines or DVDs, but it still takes a lot to cash them out.

6.  Take a screenshot of any “congratulations” page you may get at the end of completing an Offer Portal offer, and don’t delete any confirmation or welcome emails the offer may send you.  Sometimes Offer Portal offers don’t change status to Completed and Awarded on their own, and if this happens, you’ll need to send these to the Portal’s support staff as proof of completion.  QR is unable to issue manual credits on Offer Portal offers that didn’t change status to Completed and Awarded, but if you have these proofs of completion, the Offer Portals’ support team can help!

If you have done QR’s Offer Portals and have advice of your own to share, please do so in a comment and we will update this post with your tips!

Do Your Own Taxes and Save – Big Sale on TurboTax!

turbotaxThere are a couple of reasons I do my own taxes — for one, I’m just really funny about not wanting some stranger to know my financial situation.  Also, I’m super-unorganized and I don’t have everything at my fingertips, so it takes some digging to find every receipt.  And last of all, I hate paying somebody to do something I can do myself.  That’s why I use TurboTax.

My experience with TurboTax after I guess 6 or 7 years of using it, is that not only can you go at your own pace (saving your answers and coming back to it later), it is virtually idiot-proof.  It walks you step-by-step through the process and provides clear, detailed explanations along the way.  If there’s something particularly unique about your tax situation, they have a support forum you can access for free additional help.  And, if you’re worried about getting audited, at the end of the process they analyze your return for your likelihood of being audited (mine is always “low”), and they’ll offer you an optional service called Audit Defense where if for some reason you DO get audited, they will handle it for you for free.  It’s just a little extra peace of mind.

All versions of TurboTax are currently on sale at Amazon, and it’s a deep discount (30-40% off).  You can choose the file-only download, or you can have them send you the physical box with CD in it.  I’ve done it both ways and didn’t see any real advantage to having the CD, but if you’re less comfortable with downloading and installing files, you may prefer to get the CD.

I highly recommend TurboTax and (again, from past experience) this is about the lowest price you’re going to see on it!  The price will actually go up the closer we get to the filing deadline!

There’s no QR reward for Amazon purchases, but you can always cash out your QR account for Amazon GCs to help pay for deals like this one!  QRs link to Amazon helps to support our site for giveaways and games like trivia and Guess My Number, and we appreciate your using it when you shop there – thank you!

Happy 2016! What’s YOUR Resolution?

It’s the first Monday of 2016, and what better time to start fresh with a New Year’s resolution — to make a change you’ve been wanting to make but have been putting off?

2016I know that many people shy away from making resolutions because, “I know I’ll just break them.”  Well, maybe we’re making the wrong resolutions!  Maybe the resolution shouldn’t be, “I’m going to go on a diet and lose 30 pounds,” but should be, “I’ll commit to eating healthier overall and exercising more often.”  That’s a harder resolution to “break,” and even if you slip up, you don’t have to throw up your hands and say, “Well, I blew it already!  Nevermind…I quit!”  Instead, with the more vague resolution, you can keep plugging away at it all year, and by years’ end, you may not have lost the entire 30 pounds, but chances are, you will have lost SOME of the weight…maybe even more than you originally hoped for!

QR has hundreds of cashback shopping stores, so if you need something to get started on your resolution, don’t forget to shop through our site to activate cashback.  (Which will also help if one of your resolutions is to spend your money more wisely!  You’ll be building a little savings nestegg for the next holiday, vacation, birthday, or other special event coming up for you in 2016!

Here are a few suggestions for stores to check out:

walletResolving to improve your finances?  Save money with our printable grocery coupons (new coupons added weekly, plus email QR Support after you redeem them to let them know how many you used – you’ll earn $.05 per coupon you redeem!).  Save money on entertainment, dining out, and local retail sales and services through coupons in the Entertainment Book (5% cashback) and through deals at Groupon (2% cashback) and Living Social (1% cashback).  Restaurant.com (5% cashback) is another way to dine out cheaper.  And be sure you take advantage of all of the different ways to earn on QuickRewards:  surveys, paid videos, internet radio, offer portals, tasks, and more!

eatinghealthyResolving to get healthier?  For vitamins and supplements, check out QR’s link to Drugstore.com (5% cashback) or Puritan’s Pride (6% cashback), see Sears for treadmills and bikes (1.2% cashback), and for workout wear, visit Sports Authority (2.5% cahback).  Both Drugstore.com and Walgreens (1.5% cashback) have a variety of stop-smoking products like gum, lozenges, and patches.  Also, check Groupon (2% cashback) for a variety of local spa and health club deals and nationwide deals on products like juice cleanses and essential oils!

organizedResolving to get organized?  For time management, try Calendars.com and Franklin Planner (both 5% cashback), for garage and home storage solutions, try HomeDepot (1.8% cashback), and for office/home office organizational products, go to Office Depot (2% cashback), Staples (2.5% cashback), and Quill (1% cashback).  Wilson’s Leather (3% cashback) has some very nice briefcases and computer bags!

learningResolving to learn something new?  Barnes and Noble (1.5% cashback) sells the Rosetta Stone foreign language programs and many “learn how to” books, you’ll find educational videos on a variety of topics at the National Geographic Store (4% cashback), and Joann offers over 200 online courses on cooking and crafting (no cashback on the classes, but 2% on the supplies for them!).

mapResolving to travel more?  Get travel ideas and reviews from TripAdvisor (10qp to visit daily), then book your entire vacation package through Southwest Airlines Vacations (1% cashback).  Prefer to book airline, hotel, and rental car separately?  You’ll earn cashback from Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz.  (I use Priceline‘s Name Your Own Price for rental cars, with 1.1% cashback!)  Save money on attractions in major cities by buying a CityPass (100 tokens per dollar).  Prepay for airport parking at Airport Parking Reservations (10% cashback).  Prefer camping?  Get RV parts and other camping supplies from Camping World (2% cashback).

Whatever your new year’s resolutions may be, I wish you great success and a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!

Merry Christmas!

merrychristmasThe staff of QuickRewards would like to wish a very merry Christmas to our members and their families who celebrate it!

We hope that you have a blessed day and safe travels if you will be on the road this weekend!

~Becky & the QR Staff

Last-Minute Gifts with Cashback!

If you need a last-minute gift and you don’t have time to go from store to store, hoping to find what you need in their picked-over inventory, we have some great suggestions for you to get that gift, earn cashback, AND save you some time!

1.  Buy Online and Pick Up In Store

There are several QR merchants who offer cashback for in-store purchases IF you place the order online and pay for it online!  This is great because they’ll send you an email (often within an hour) to let you know your order’s ready to pick up.  Some stores eligible for cashback on in-store orders include:

  • Best Buy – 1% cashback on most items (must order by 4pm today and pick up by 6pm today)
  • Home Depot – 1.8% cashback (same day pickup on many items but I don’
  • Kmart and Sears – 1.2% cashback (the site will note which items are available for same-day pickup)
  • Walmart – 1% cashback on most items (items marked as “Free Pickup Today” will be available within 4 hours)

2.  Buy Select Giftcards Online

There are a number of stores that we pay cashback for, when you purchase gift cards.  You’ll find these in our cashback shopping area here.  Because of the short turnaround time you’ll need to go with a gift card that can be printed to give in person, or that can be emailed.  Be sure to check the delivery wait time for eCards, because some may take 24 hours.  Some suggestions:

  • Darden Group – 1% cashback on eGiftCards to restaurants including Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, and others, some including bundles with Fandango credit, too!  “Orders are typically processed within 60 minutes but may take up to 6 hours.”  I ordered one this morning and it was delivered to my email in 13 minutes!
  • Groupon – 2% cashback and there are so many local offers for spa services (what a great gift this would be!) and restaurants, affordable gifts, too!  Immediately printable!
  • LivingSocial – 1% cashback and also many local services and restaurants which would make great gifts!  Immediately printable!

3.  Order a Magazine Subscription

These are great gifts because they’re super-affordable, its something the recipient will enjoy year-round, and of course you’ll earn QR cashback!  I usually go to Google Images to find a copy of a magazine cover, then I print it on card stock, make a note that their subscription will begin arriving soon, roll it like a scroll and tie it with ribbon.

4.  Amazon Gift Cards – No QR cashback but a great gift everyone loves!

We’re unable to offer cashback for Amazon (their rules, not ours – sorry!) but Amazon gift cards make a GREAT gift since, well, they sell everything!  Please use QR’s link to Amazon for site support.  We’d appreciate it!

Green Monday Deals Galore!

Today is what’s known in the retail industry as Green Monday – it’s the last Monday of the Christmas shopping season where you can shop online and receive your order with standard shipping by Christmas.  Retailers know this and are offering HUGE deals today to entice people to shop!

Remember to start your shopping session at QuickRewards.net to activate cashback!  You can also use any coupons you find on the store’s website after you click through QR’s link!

Just a few places to check out:

Walmart (1% cashback):  Offering Black Friday pricing again!  Go, go, go!

DisneyStore (2.5% cashback):  Save 15-25% depending on your order size plus all orders ship free!

Kohl’s (3.2% cashback):  20% off for all customers and great deals on toys, clothing, housewares, and more!  Earn Kohls Cash, too!

The Children’s Place (3.5% cashback):  50-75% off the entire store and all orders ship free!

Amazon (no cashback, link is for site support only):  tons of deals throughout the site like this free $20 Amazon GC when you buy a $100 Nordstrom GC, and coupon code BAGSNMORE takes 30% off handbags and wallets!

Ebay (1% cashback):  Check their Today’s Daily Deals for items like a $75 Fitbit Flex, a black and white diamond accent necklace for $10, a 16-pc Kitchen Aid knife set for $45, and much more

HSN (1% cashback):  Huge deals for Green Monday and six FlexPays on select electronic gifts!

QVC (1.5% cashback):  Five EasyPay on all products today!

Personalization Mall (10% cashback):  20% off sitewide until 10pm ET tonight with code 12HRSALE and personalization is always free!

BonTon (2% cashback):  $50 off $100 with code Z50DEC15CTD or up to 25% off sale items with code COUNTDOWN15 and orders over $25 ship free!

The Body Shop (5% cashback):  50% off the whole site, free shipping on all orders, and a free gift with $60 or more purchase!

BooksAMillion (2.5% cashback):  $20 off $100 with code GR33N and Millionaires Club members save 20% today, too!  They sell toys, too!

Happy Hanukkah!

On behalf of the staff of QuickRewards, I’d like to wish a happy Hanukkah to our members and their families who celebrate it!

Wishing you peace, joy, and prosperity,

Becky & the QR Staff

Cyber Monday 2015 at Target.com!

Cyber Monday deals are live at Target!  First of all, take 15% off sitewide (which can be combined with your 5% off Redcard discount and a 5% off Pharmacy Rewards discount if you have one) with code CYBER15 (see site for exclusions).  You’ll earn .75% cashback at QR, too.

Deals to look for:

  • Coupon code DECORATE takes $10 off $50 Holiday Shop and Holiday Home purchase or $25 off $100
  • 30% off clothes, shoes, and accessories for the family (very few exclusions)
  • 30% off select toys
  • Up to 40% off home items including select furniture

MANY Free Target GCs with purchase including (just a sampling):

Free $100-$20 Target GC when you buy select Vizio TVs or soundbars
Free $50 Target GC when you spend $250 in the baby dept. (includes nursery, gear, feeding, and diapering)
Free $30 Target GC when you buy Circulon 10-pc hard-anodized nonstick cookware set for $149.99
Free $20 Target GC when you buy Oster countertop convection oven for $69.99
Free $20 Target GC when you buy Mr. Coffee 10-cup thermal coffeemaker for $69.99
Free $20 Target GC when you buy a select Oral B toothbrush and refill brush head
Free $15 Target GC when you buy a Keurig K10 Mini Plus for $79.99
Free $5 Target GC when you spend $50 on select digital prepaid cards (including iTunes, Domino’s, Southwest Vacations, and Facebook)
Free $5 Target GC when you two $25 or higher value prepaid gift cards

Also, get a free Super Smash Bros game ($40 value) when you buy a Gameboy 3DS XL for $199!